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Frequently Asked Questions: policies, rates, weather, ages, etc…

Does the bike run rain or shine?
YES, we will still operate the bike in the rain! Not only does the bike have a canopy we have clear plastic rain guards that protect the sides and keep you dry. We reserve the right to cancel in the case of a hurricane, tornado or other extreme weather conditions, to be determined by one of our staff members.
Do we have to sign a liability waiver to ride the bike?
Yes, please sign HERE to help speed up the sign up process so you can have more fun! You will need the Booking ID and date of your cruise to complete the waiver.  The primary reservation holder will also have a link to the waiver that can be shared with their party.
Can a rider be under 21 years of age?
We will offer the bike to riders who are under 21 years of age as long as they are accompanied by a guardian who will be responsible for the the underage guests.
How long is the bike tour?
Tours last about 2 hours including any stops.
How does the bike move?
The bike moves by pedal power and in the case of an incline, we have a battery powered assist motor.
How many seats are there?
There are 15 seats for passengers as well as an Elm City Party Bike driver and tour guide.
Do all seats have pedals?
No, only 10 seats have pedals. Two seats do not have pedals and three seats are on the back bench.
What’s your cancellation and refund policy?
Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the event may reschedule, receive store credit or receive a full refund. Cancellations made 4-7 days prior to the event may reschedule or receive store credit. No refunds are offered within 7 full days of an event. Cancellations or no-shows within 72 hours of the event do not offer rescheduling or refunds (we will not be able to book these spots on such short notice). In the event the Elm City Party Bike cancels an event due to extreme weather, mechanical issues or other reasons, we will offer ticket holders to reschedule or store credit.
What is the difference between a private tour and a group tour?
Private tours are offered to groups of 8-15 people who reserve the bike for a 2-hour period. Group tours offer 1-15 seats with other booked customers.
Can we bring our own food and drinks?
We are BYOB!!!!!! Customers may bring snacks, BEER, WINE, CIDER & SELTZER ONLY! We ask that no hard liquor be brought onto the bike, except for drinks purchased at restaurants & for takeout.
Are there stops along the route?
Yes we will likely have 2-3 stops where riders can exit the bike to purchase drinks and food at local restaurants.
Do we tip the driver or bartender/guide?
Yes we encourage guests to tip the driver and bartender/guide since they rely on it to pay their bills.
Are there any special rates for bike riders?
Yes, for our Group Tours ONLY we offer a 15% discount to ticket holders with jobs associated with the military, emergency, education and healthcare. Just use the Promo Code THANKYOUFORYOURSERVICE during checkout. Not to be combined with other discounts and only redeemable on Group Tours.
Is there storage on the bike?
Yes we have two large coolers for beverages and a canopy area to put bags, jackets and supplies.
Where do we park?
We have partnered with Park New Haven to bring you discounted parking on New Haven: Downtown Tours. We will provide a voucher for each car in your party for that tour.

What if we want to stay over in New Haven?
We have exclusive deals with hotels like the Omni New Haven Hotel, New Haven Hotel & Pizza Palace Airbnb to make your tour experience a Staycation in New Haven! Look for the deals when your book your tour & receive confirmation emails or texts.
Can you customize tour routes and stops?
Yes we can make limited customized tour routes and stops for Private Group tours, depending on route, date, and timing. To find out more please contact us.
Do you provide tours for corporate groups, parties or celebrations?
Yes we provide private group tours for groups of 8-15 people. To find out more please contact us.
Do you have a charge for excess cleaning or damage on or off the bike during a tour?
Yes we reserve the right to charge between $25-$500 for excessive cleaning on or off our bike including affected private property. Damages to our property or other property during the tour may incur further charges and potentially may result in criminal charges.